Abhishek is the founding partner of Indicc Associates. He is a passionate advocate of citizen and consumer interest in policymaking. In the past, he was Director at CUTS International and led Public Policy Division at the organisation. He has also worked with Ernst & Young, Royal Bank of Scotland Foundation, Digital Empowerment Foundation, Members of Parliament, UN assignments and as a senior News Editor at CNN-IBN. He has handled several initiatives at the intersection of environmental, social and economic policy, and led a wide range of projects on domains like skills, jobs & livelihoods, federalism, mobility, energy, media & entertainment, education, and rural development, amongst others. He has authored/co-authored several chapters and op-eds for mainstream publications and has edited two books besides making 50 documentaries on development issues in India.



Abhishek also curates/co-curates three consumer and citizen centric initiatives namely New Indian Consumer Initiative (NICI), Citizen 21 initiative to strengthen the role of citizens in the 21st Century and Indicc Initiative on Technology for Human Development (IITHD)


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